oppah muchinguri 19-01-11.jpgSecretary for Women Affairs in the ZANU PF Women’s League, Cde Oppah Muchinguri, has underscored the need for women to participate and be well informed on issues that will be voted for in the referendum.  


Zimbabwe is due to hold a referendum this year, to endorse or reject a new constitution following the conclusion of the outreach phase, which was spearheaded by the Costitution Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC).


Cde Muchinguri says women demonstrated that they are serious about a new supreme law of the country by turning out in large numbers to participate in the outreach meetings countrywide, but there is need to further educate women in preparation for the referendum.

Cde Muchinguri highlighted that Zimbabweans have suffered for a long time due to the illegal sanctions, and it is high time people demonstrate unity of purpose in denouncing the sanctions.


She said the women’s league will be going out in full force to educate people across the political divide to call with one voice for the removal of sanctions.


“The sanctions are not hurting Zanu PF supporters only but most of all its women who bear the brunt of these sanctions more than anyone. As the Women’s League, we are going to work hard this year and call for the lifting of sanctions,” Cde Muchinguri said.

She added  that before the referendum, the Women’s League will actively inform the public, particularly women on important issues such as voting procedures.


The referendum is the last stage of the making of the country’s supreme law and once a yes vote is passéd, a new constitution will come in place.