female rapists 27.10.11.jpgThe Zimbabwe Republic Police has called upon lawmakers to review some parts of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act and come up with a legislation that takes into account that women can be regarded as potential rapists.

The call follows a number of incidents and reports in which men have allegedly been raped by women.

Police Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka says lawmakers should craft legislation that is in tandem with current criminal trends.

He said some criminals are taking advantage of the current laws which appear relaxed and not deterrent enough.

Chief Superintendent Mandipaka said the police are faced with challenges in preferring charges against culprits as the current law does not comprehensively deal with all criminal aspects.

A number of laws have been amended in recent years including the introduction of the criminal law codification and reform act which has helped address some challenges that were faced in preferring charges against culprits.