beatrice nyamupinga.jpgThe Women’s Rights Movement says there is need to address the gaps on the participation of women in the constitution making process as the representation in critical areas was minimal.

Representatives of the Women’s Rights Movement has noted with concern women’s limited participation in the constitution making process so far, a situation which they say might lead to the failure to fully articulate women’s views.

Speaking during a conference to chat the way forward in the next stages of the constitution making process, Chairperson of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, Cde Beatrice Nyamupinga said the lack of proper representation of women in the whole process will not ensure a gender sensitive document.

“The technical jargon used during this whole process affected the full participation of women .So what this means is that all our issues will not be dominant in the constitution,” said Cde Nyamupinga.

Musasa Project Director, Ms Netty Musanhu and Women Action Group Executive Director, Ms Edna Masiyiwa says the women’s rights movement is now lobbying for the total inclusion of women in the forthcoming stages of the constitution making process.

“We need women to occupy positions in the next stages,” added Ms Masiyiwa.

Women are demanding that they be members of subcommittees. This includes members of subcommittees such as technical, drafting and logistics. At the moment the co-chairpersons of COPAC are all men whilst women occupy the positions of deputies.