beatrice nyamupinga cde ed.jpgWith the Women caucus in parliament moving to lobby for a 50-50 proportional representation electoral system where people vote for a particular party and not an individual, questions have been raised on whether political parties will honour such a request in the face of expected serious contention for political space.

The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus chairperson, Cde Beatrice Nyamupinga said the caucus will lobby their political parties and COPAC to ensure the proportional representation method is implemented and enshrined in the new constitution.

However, during the views gathering exercise in the constitution outreach, many people said they would prefer that political posts be occupied on merit rather than gender basis.

There are also contradictory sentiments from women with some favouring merit rather than gender as a basis to occupy political space.

Observers say it may be too late for the women caucus to lobby for that kind of representation as political parties will be seeking to enter individuals who are guaranteed to win seats rather than honour the 50/50 representation.

With male candidates having proven to be stronger candidates in previous elections, analysts say parties will be focusing more on consolidating political mileage by winning more seats in parliament and the gender cause might be the biggest casualty in forthcoming elections.