olypmics.jpgWomen in sport have hailed periodic gatherings as important networking tools that highlight the problems and challenges they face in the execution of their duties.

This came to light at the networking meeting encompassing the Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC)’s Women in Sport Foundation headed by Leticia Chipandu and the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC)’s Women in Sport Commission which has Cathy Lobb at the helm.

Olympic Sports Centre Coordinator, Chiedza Mafunga said as ZOC, they value the participation of women in the different facets of the sport arena.

“As ZOC, we have a drive for women in sport, hence the presence of the Women in Sport Commission in our structures. It is important that women meet regularly to discuss challenges they face on the sport arena,” Mafunga said.

SRC board member, Eugenia Chidhakwa and Women’s Football chairperson, Mavis Gumbo hailed networking meetings as they enable women to share experiences and challenges they face in the execution of their duties.

“It is an important gathering in the sense that it gives women an opportunity to network and share experiences in as far as sport is concerned and builds self esteem so that when they are articulating their various  activities in their associations, women will do so from an advised position,” said Chidhakwa.

“These meetings are crucial in that they enable us to share challenges we face as women. More meetings of this nature will help a great deal,” Gumbo said.

The Women in Sport networking meeting that was held at Prince Edward School on Wednesday, followed a similar meeting held in the capital some two months ago.