business delegation 2.jpgA four-day FIFA Women’s Football Com-Unity Seminar is underway in Harare, with issues that look at the development of women’s football being the main focus.

About 150 delegates drawn from across the country are attending the seminar, which seeks to bring better awareness of women’s football.

The seminar is being conducted by accomplished FIFA instructors such as Florie Ramagodi, who is standing in for FIFA Development Officer for East and Southern Africa, Ashford Mamelodi. 

Other delegates include Christopher Bongo, Jacqueline Shipanga and Henry Tandawo.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony in the capital, Guest of Honour, Reverend Paul Damasani, who is the Principal Director in the Ministry of Education, Sport, Arts and Culture hailed the seminar as a progressive step towards enhancing the growth of women’s football on the domestic front.

Development of women’s football was the focal point on the opening day of the seminar and encompassed key topics such as current status and potential of women’s football,  strategies and development in women’s football, grassroots football development programmes and the impact of women’s football on social and educational development.

The seminar, which was organised by ZIFA, continues on Wednesday and will end this coming Friday.