In a bid to fight gender discrimination in the music industry, efforts have been made to protect the rights of women across the region through empowerment.

This came out as part of resolutions from the just-ended sub-regional workshop on gender equality in the music industry.

At the workshop, women were encouraged to venture into any music genre of their choice without fear as measures have been put in place to ensure women get a fair chance of recording their products.

Speaking to the ZBC News after the workshop, President of the Zimbabwe Musicians Union, Edith Weutonga Katiji said the set of rules and resolutions made at the sub-regional workshop held in Tanzania should be implemented in all African Union states to ensure gender balance in the music industry.

Representatives from Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania and Namibia, among other countries, attended the conference in Tanzania.

The conference was meant to discuss gender issues affecting female artists in the music industry.

Meanwhile, a declaration was made to help female musicians in Africa and way forward to help them achieve these programmes.