women business.jpgZimbabwe Women Entrepreneurs who will be showcasing various products have secured three sites in South Africa where its members will be exhibiting various products during the FIFA World Cup which kicks off on the 11th of June.


Zimbabwe Women Entrepreneurs Treasurer Ms Petronella Maturure says they are working closely with the Ministry of Small to Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development in its efforts to reap benefits from the World Cup by selling Zimbabwean products.
She said: “We are urging all our members to participate fully in the World Cup by selling wares which are truly Zimbabwean. The products should be competitive as well.”


Ms Maturure urged all women entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunity availed by government to participate effectively at the World Cup.


“While others will be playing soccer we will be making money so women out there let us go in our numbers and exploit the availed opportunity,” said Ms Maturure.


Although hopes for immense benefits were beginning to fade in the country, creative and innovative businesspeople have decided to exploit the opportunities in South Africa by camping there during the duration of the soccer extravaganza.