Women account for the huge proportion of the populace yet they own and control few means of production.

Experts therefore contend the empowerment of women hinges on a conducive environment to embrace them in mainstream socio economic activities.

Women are considered critical in social, political and economic development of Zimbabwe, to the extent that a concerted stakeholder approach to solve challenges affecting them is of great importance.

“Focus should now be on effective training, capacity building, projects management, a workable financial inclusion policy and fair representation systems in key systems,” said a women projects coordinator, Miss Versha Pragjt.

While concern is being raised over the need for women to venture into mainstream activities, a local entrepreneur Mrs Roselyn Charehwa said empowerment of the girl child should now start at school level.

A political analyst Mr Costa Anjos said there is also need for political parties to embrace women empowerment policies.

The facilitation of women into key developmental systems of the nation is an element that is under spotlight as Zimbabwe seeks to fulfill the aims of the gender equality under the sustainable development goals by 2030.