One hundred and seventy-eight graduands were conferred with degrees at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University with the institute committing to continue addressing the gender imbalance in society and produce God-fearing leaders.

It was a unique celebration of the International Women’s Day at ZEGU’s 3rd graduation ceremony as 108 women graduated out of a total of 178 graduates.

ZEGU Vice Chancellor Professor Sunungurai Chingarande Mutanga said the university celebrates the active empowerment of women through education.

“It is not a coincidence that we are hosting pour graduation ceremony today the 8th of March. As a university, we are proud to be practically contributing to addressing the gender imbalance in our society,” said Professor Chingarande Mutanga.

ZEGU Chancellor Professor Ezekiel Guti said while running a university is expensive, he has a burden to produce go fearing leaders.

“My burden is to produce the best, the quality leaders for blessing the nation, my prayer all the time for the university to produce doctors, lawyers, politicians, people who fear god, no corruption, that’s my burden, the purpose of this university,” Professor Guti said.

For the female graduates, it was a double achievement as they also celebrated women’s rights.

ZEGU which opened its doors in 2012 relying fully on funding from ZAOGA, has witnessed an increase in graduates from 40 to 178, while dependency on the church has now declined to only 29 percent.