monica mtsvangwa.jpgWomen from across the political divide in Manicaland province have been commended for turning out in large numbers to attend the constitution outreach meetings and for articulating issues that affect them and ensure that they are enshrined in the new constitution.  


Constitutional Parliamentary Select Committee COPAC co-vice chairperson ,Cde Monica Mutsvangwa, who is also one of the outreach leaders in Manicaland province said the constitutional reform process initiated by Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) ,is receiving overwhelming support from the people in the province. 


She implored women to seize the opportunity presented by the drafting of the supreme law of the land and ensure that sufficient safeguards to protect women from unfair practices are enshrined in the new constitution, saying this can only be achieved through participation.

Cde Mutsvangwa said the number of young people who are attending the outreach meetings has not been very encouraging, adding that the youths must be in charge of their destiny and ensure that their voices are also heard.

Some of the submissions that women are being encouraged to push for in the new constitution include equality in politics, business and public life.


 Women’s groups are also advocating for emancipation and empowerment through equal citizenship, non-discrimination, women’s rights, children’s rights, gender and equal opportunity commission, an electoral system that combines first past , the post and proportional representation, affirmative action, including a 50% quota for women in decision-making positions, socio-economic, cultural and environmental rights and gender-sensitive public financing, among other requirements.

The outreach phase commenced on the 23rd of June countrywide.


The outreach program, which is meant to gather people’s views on the new constitution, is expected to last about two months and people in the country are cherishing this once in a lifetime opportunity to define and shape their future and that of future generations.