Clubs in the Zimbabwe National Women’s Football League say the national executive committee should go as it has failed to serve the interests of the girl child.

Representatives of the 22 clubs playing in the league said they will continue to boycott matches until the Rosemary Kononge led executive committee addresses their concerns.

The national women’s football league failed to resume following a two week break last month during the women’s COSAFA tournament in Bulawayo and clubs are calling for a vote of no confidence in the executive.

However, Zimbabwe National Women’s Football League Chairwoman, Rosemary Kanonge accused the clubs of holding unconstitutional meetings meant to unseat her executive.

She also dismissed the clubs’ petition as petty and informal, saying most of the grievances had already been discussed and addressed.

The executive committee failed to hold ‘clear the air talks’ with clubs and councillors and ZIFA Vice President, Omega Sibanda has been meeting individual clubs in both northern and southern regions threatening them with unspecified action if they do not fulfil league fixtures by Wednesday 25th of October.

An affiliate of the ZIFA, the women’s league does not have its own ratified constitution.

Women’s football returned this year after a four year absence with what was supposed to be a united national league hand-picked from across the country and bankrolled by the football mother body, but divisions continue to emerge with the league halfway through.

If there is no agreement, the row would force the blotted women’s 22 team league to end prematurely almost halfway through the season.