olivia muchena 16-11-10 ed.jpgWomen’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development Minister, Dr. Olivia Muchena, has urged women to be innovative and use the little resources they have to enhance their businesses.

Dr Olivia Muchena was speaking at the graduation ceremony of women who went through various courses on financial management.


She said women should use the minimum resources they have to develop themselves and embrace policies such as indigenisation and economic empowerment that have been enacted by government.

She said grassroots women should not confine themselves to roundtables but should try to be financial literate and manage their finances properly.

National Federation of Grassroots Women Clubs President, Cde Betty Mutero,  said the women who underwent the course were equipped with skills on how to manage their finances and how to account for money when conducting business.

Since 1980, the Zanu PF government has put in place policies to support grassroots women and to equip them with self sustenance skills.


A number of self help projects introduced by government have helped women rise and move from the dependency syndrome.