Women contractors are moving to seal a stake in the national tender process after successfully launching an initiative that empowers them to effectively participate in the construction sector.

Women constitute a key dividend within the country’s population, constituting 51 percent of the total workforce, dominating jobs in agriculture, health and education.

However, the effective participation of women in national projects such as tenders on road construction continues to be underlined by their marginalisation to less attractive opportunities.

To counter this gap, female entrepreneurs launched the Women Build Initiative that speaks into their agenda. 

According to the chairperson Mrs Monica Kanyepi, they will utilise the platform to pressure government into developing a policy quota for women contractors on national projects.

Government recognises the role of women in national development, hence is bridging economic disparities by increasing access to finance for women stated by Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Honourable Monica Mutsvangwa.

The successful launch of the Women Build Initiative dovetails with the holistic vision to boost the effective participation of women on national projects spearheaded through the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises, according to the Permanent Secretary Dr Rudo Chitiga.

Global institutions such as the World Bank state that empowering women is a critical plinth to unlocking sustainable growth.