The four female presidential candidates who made it through the Nomination Court becoming the first women to contest for the presidential post took part in a debate series dubbed; ‘Making Elections Make Sense’.

The debate series is a platform organised by the Zimbabwe Electoral Support Network which runs under the theme; ‘Promoting Democratic Elections in Zimbabwe’.

Melbah Dzapasi President of the #1980 Freedom Movement Zimbabwe, Chinhu Chedu fame, Dr Joice Teurai Ropa Mujuru President of the People’s Rainbow Coalition, Dr Thokozani Khupe President of the MDC-T and Violet Mariyacha President of the United Democracy Movement were brought together to articulate the aspiring candidates’ vision.

Dzapasi and Mariyacha touched on the challenges in financing and alleged unfair practices during nomination which affected their pre-election campaigns while Dr Khupe spoke of the nightmare brought about by the 10 000 polling stations which require the same number of polling agents while Dr Mujuru said they had failed to form one formidable opposition party owing to failure to reach a consensus.

Zimbabwe votes in just over three weeks time and in direct contrast to the previous pre-election periods which were marred by political violence, resulting in contested outcomes, the run up to the 2018 polls has witnessed calm and open debate, and campaign platforms for the 56 political parties and the 23 presidential candidates.