vp mujuru 2010.jpgVice President Joice Mujuru says women’s fight for equality is not an attempt to usurp men’s positions in society, but is aimed at creating a level playing field in the political, economic and social spheres.

Vice President Mujuru was addressing delegates at the official opening of the First International Council of Africana Womanism conference in Harare, where she said women are clamoring for equity and equality in all sectors and the agenda is not aimed at displacing the position of men in society as they need each other for social development.


She said: ” Our quest for gender equality is not on the desire to take anything away from men. We just fight to level the playing field.


“Men should therefore work with us and help in our empowerment drive. After all, we constitute 52% of the population, hence by empowering us, the community would have empowered more than half the population”.

The Acting Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, Chipo Ndyanga, said the Intellectual Debate on African Womanism is critical now as the African Union has dedicated the period 2010-2020 to the total emancipation of African Women.

The founder of the International Council of the African Womanism, Professor Clenora Hudson Weems, said African women should be proud and participate fully in programmes that shapes their destiny.

The conference is running under the theme, “Removing The Wedge: Rediscoursing Family in Search of Sustainable Renaissance”, is being attended by representatives of women’s movements, the academia as well as civic organisations.

The University of Zimbabwe is hosting the scholarly discourse critical to national transformation for women development.