beatrice nyamupinga cde ed.jpgThe Women Parliamentary Caucus has rejected the adoption of the hybrid system where women are to contest parliamentary seats on equal ground with their male counterparts saying the system will block the 50-50 gender representation in parliament.

The women legislators are in favour of proportional representation, a system which they feel will increase the number of female parliamentarians.

The hybrid system allows the use of the First Past the Post processes whereby one is elected into office by merit.

However, despite having mobilised fellow women in voting for the hybrid process during the constitution making process outreach programmes, the Chairperson for the Women Parliamentary Caucus, Cde Beatrice Nyamupinga said they have finally realised that the system will deter them from fulfilling their aim of having a 50% women representation in parliament.

“The women have finally come to the realisation that there is a high possibility that the system will see many women losing their sits in the process, thus they are now opting for proportional representation to be adopted for both the Senate and the House of Assembly,” said Cde Nyamupinga.

Director for Women in Politics Support Network, Fanny Chirisa said the hybrid system will not help women in any way, hence its rejection.

“We have selected a team that will approach the COPAC team so as to lobby for the rejection of the hybrid and adoption of the proportional system,” Chirisa said.

Some observers have however criticised the move, arguing that it is retrogressive to the constitution making process as views have already been gathered from all provinces.