Thirty-one-year old Shamva woman Obvious Chavhunduka is appealing for assistance to foot her medical bills as she is suffering from a bloated stomach.

For 10 years Chavhunduka of Tipperary Farm in Shamva has been living with a bloated stomach which has caused her much pain and made her unable to fend for herself and her two children since her husband deserted her.

At first the bloated belly seemed like a pregnancy but medical examination proved it was water building up inside.

Chavhunduka is appealing for assistance from well-wishers to help her buy medication monthly.     

 “I can no longer work and when people see my condition they don’t want to employ me. I got a letter from social welfare which I use to buy medication but it only works in public hospitals where there is no medication so I am appealing to well-wishers.

“Those who want to help me can contact my number 0784547510. It’s also on ecocash,” said Chavhunduka.

Chavhunduka has to take medication for the rest of her life.

In 2016, 17 litres of water was drained from her belly but doctors failed to diagnose the exact cause of the disorder.