child smuggling.jpgA 40-year old Harare cross border trader has appeared before a Harare magistrate facing charges of child abuse and fraud.



It is the State’s case that Learn Moyo approached lawful guardians of a 15-year old Silobela girl and promised to give her a job as a house maid in Harare.


It is further understood that Moyo made the 15-year old work for her without giving her money and would sometimes assault her all over her body using electrical codes for trivial issues like failing to cook sadza.


Moyo is charged under Section 136 of the Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act Chapter 9:23.


She is also being charged for contravening Section 7 of the Children’s Act Chapter 5:06, which makes it a criminal offence to ill-treat, neglect and abandon a young person to unnecessary suffering and injury detrimental to her health.


Moyo is further alleged to have fraudulently acquired an emergency travel document for the minor before smuggling her to Namibia where she used her as a maid and a vendor.


It is understood that Moyo would let the 15-year old sleep in a car without blankets.


The child was only rescued by a well wisher who took the victim to authorities who then handed her to the Zimbabwean embassy for repatriation.


Meanwhile, the Interpol in Windhoek has indicated that Moyo is being probed for related offences dating back to 2006.