gonye 54.jpgAs stories of witchcraft and goblins keep unfolding, there was pandemonium in Harare’s Sunningdale suburb when residents crowded the streets trying to get the correct version of the story of a woman who is in now struggling with a worm she possessed after trying to get rich in a quick way. 


While other people are breaking their backs in pursuit of earning a decent living, other people find it better to cross the country’s borders in search for goblins which come in different shapes and sizes to bring riches in a quick way.


Following a radio programme that was flighted by the ZBC Radio were one woman, Miss Hope Mabande appealed for help from different spiritual healers as she said she was now burdened by a worm/caterpillar which she got from South Africa.


It is alleged that Miss Hope Mabande gave her parents’ address and promised to reward the spiritual healer who will be able to remove the caterpillar with a house and a car.


Problems arose when residents in Sunningdale started pointing fingers at Hope’s parents and making up different versions of the caterpillar being at the house.


There are different versions of the story, some of which state that Hope broke the caterpillar’s oath and now it is swelling in the bath tub almost reaching the roof level.


The other version states that the worm has now given birth to other worms and they are now multiplying spreading all over the house.


When ZBC News crew arrived in Sunningdale, there was pandemonium as residents crowded the streets trying to get the correct version of the story, this infuriated Mr. Kahondo, Hopes’ father who came charging at the news crew threatening to break the camera while chanting all sorts of insults.


However the news crew managed to calm him down leading him to agree to an interview where he revealed that he has not been in touch with his daughter for almost two years now and he could not openly say whether the allegations were true or false.


His wife Mrs Kahondo said the matter was now affecting her emotionally as the whole community was now treating her as an outcast because of something that her daughter has done.


Sister to Hope, Hazvinei could not clearly state whether or not her sister is in possession of the worm but she said Hope’s relationship with the family was not in a good shape.


Whether the story of the worm is true or false, it remains a mystery as this news crew toured the house and found nothing amiss.