wire-art-scorpion.jpgLocal self-made artists dealing in wire art have proven that artists are born and not made through some spectacular artworks they have on display.


Few years ago, in the ghetto and rural areas, wire making took much of boys’ time and was largely the occupation of the time.

Little did people know that those who made the best cars from wire would grow up to become artists of repute.

Today, evidence is abound that there is no need for formal schooling in the arts as most people plying the trade are self-taught or took up art through appreciating the works of other artists.

The works of art made from wire, show the innovation that can only come from a motivational forcwire_art.jpge that is drawn from inner inspiration.

They make anything from baobab trees, lamp shades, elephants, flowers and other works of art that do a lot in beautifying homes, hotels and other places.

Whilst it is generally accepted that the arts cannot be taken as an industry, it contributes much in beautifying the country, hence the need to assist those plying the trade.