winterwheat1.jpgMatabeleland North Province has set a target of 1 047 hectares to be put under winter wheat this year, with an expected yield of 5 235 tonnes.

Speaking to ZBC News, AREX Chief Officer Dumisani Nyoni said following this identification of lands, farmers are urged to procure their inputs in time to avoid planting late.

Mr Nyoni said 25 kilogrammes of seed will be needed per hectare, while 200 kilogrammes of compound D fertilizer and ammonium nitrate is also required.

He noted that under irrigation with adequate inputs and implements, farmers can realise a yield of 5 tonnes per hectare, but warned that failure to prepare adequately may affect their output.

Mr Nyoni advised farmers to go to the GMB depots for seed and fertiliser, while those who are members of the Commercial Farmers Union are expected to benefit from the organisation’s initiative.

He said Jotsholo Estate will plant 200 hectares while Tendere and Balu will plant 10 and 20 hectares respectively.