vimbai-zim.jpgOne of Zimbabwe’s representatives in this year’s Big Brother reality show, Vimbai, has been nominated for eviction.

She is among six housemates who are up for eviction on Sunday, 15 May.

Vimbai was nominated by Head of the House, Zeus from Botswana, along with Confidence from Ghana, Danny from South Africa, Jossy from Uganda, Vina from Zambia and Weza from Angola.

Interestingly, Confidence led the nominations by five nominations.

Zeus as Head of House had a chance to save himself and put someone else on the chopping block. He therefore replaced himself with Vimbai.

This means that Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Uganda, Vina, Weza and Vimbai are the six housemates who are up for eviction this week.

As per the rules of the show, the Housemate who receives the least number of votes will be evicted come Sunday.

Zimbabweans can vote to keep Vimbai in the house by voting online or through SMS.