coaches training ed.jpgThe 2011 premiership season will see the emergence of 3 new outfits on the local league with Masvingo marking a return to top flight football to complete the 4 slots.


Among the 4 is a mining team, Mimosa, which has already caused enough transfer upsets due to its big spending zest.

But the big question is will money be enough to buy success for the central region league debutants.

The 2010 Premiership season saw the coming of 2 clubs FC Victoria and Douglas Warriors who had never tasted premiership football before.


The 2 were joined by returnees Black Mambas and Shabanie Mine.


But by the end of the season, the rookies were on their way back to where they came from. 1999 BP Cup winners, Shabanie Mine were never in trouble while Black Mambas had to survive by the skin of their teeth on the very last day.
With a sponsorship of US$250 000, Mambas were probably the season’s richest club but that richness did not transcend to the club’s success for the police side that had to fight to escape the guillotine on the last day of the season.


As the 2011 season beckons, another Manchester City of the local premiership will trod into the pool of Zimbabwean clubs boasting of a big purse to splash on the players market.


Platinum mining company, Mimosa, has already underlined their presence with a huge appetite of acquiring top players rumored among them Khumbulani Banda, Wonder Sithole, Thabani Kamusoko, Nicholas Alifandika, Charles Sibanda and Norman Maroto among others.


While it is thumbs up for having such self sustaining premiership clubs, the big question many would ask is: Will money buy success for the central region side?


While Mimosa is likely to become a star studded team maybe in the mould of the defunct Blackpool and Amazulu, the team’s money will come as a big test on the loyalty of some players to their parent clubs.

Before folding up, Blackpool used their money to good use and went on to become the first local club to reach the semi-finals of the then CAF Cup Winners Cup while Amazulu won the league in 2003.


Today, one hopes that Mimosa will emulate that and not go the Black Mambas way where the richest club ended fighting relegation.


Other debutantes in the premiership include Blue Ribbon and Chicken Inn, while Masvingo United might have learnt some lessons during their 2 year stint in the lower rungs.


Of the 4, only Mimosa are expected to cause a stir, probably money can buy success after all, if not money can definitely buy survival.