zanu pf top brass 30-11-10.jpgZanu-PF says it has been vindicated by the Wikileaks documents showing that the MDC-T and its leader Morgan Tsvangirai worked in collaboration with America to effect illegal regime change in Zimbabwe.


Zanu-PF National Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said the Wikileaks revelations are a confirmation that the Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC-T has got no agenda or vision for the country.



Ambassador Moyo said at most, the revelations are a blessing in disguise as the people of Zimbabwe have finally seen for themselves that the MDC-T are not their own masters, but a proxy project of American machinations.


“This creature called the MDC is a creation from America. To us, this is a day to smile, it’s a day to say here you are we told you. This is for the MDC today to stand up and tell the world that we apologise for having lied to you that we are for democracy, the truth is that we are graduated puppets from the West,” said Ambassador Moyo.

sk moyo 29-11-10 ed.jpgZanu-PF Secretary for Information, Cde Rugare Gumbo, said the party is not surprised by the revelations because as it has always been the party’s belief that the MDC-T are pawns used for the advancement of western interests.


“We are not surprised and we have always known this. To us it is a vindication,” said Cde Gumbo.


The Dell cables dispatched by former US Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell, reveal that the MDC-T worked hand in glove with America in an attempt to topple the Zanu PF government.

The US used fuel and food shortages as part of the sanctions agenda to effect illegal regime change in Zimbabwe.    


Meanwhile, the Zanu-PF Women’s League and the Youth Wing have castigated the MDC-T party for its involvement with the United States in orchestrating hardships in the country in an effort to push the regime change agenda.

The Wikileaks website revealed that the US through its embassy in Harare was working with the MDC-T to push for regime change in the country.

Zanu PF Women’s League Chairperson, Cde Oppah Muchinguri, said the Women’s League is angered and disheartened by the Wikileaks revelations that all the hardships that Zimbabweans had to endure were at the instigation of MDC-T leader, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and his party.

“It is so painful to imagine that all the poverty and hunger that Zimbabweans went through for the past decade were instigated by one person, whom we eat in the same plate with, a person we thought had the same mentality as ours, one who is black but being used by the whites,” said Cde Muchinguri.

olivia muchena 16-11-10 ed.jpgZanu PF Women’s League National Commissar, Dr Olivia Muchena, said the revelations exposing America’s hidden hand in causing economic hardships through sanctions, fuel shortages and other machinations has vindicated the party in that those who did not believe that the MDC formations were working with the former colonisers can now see the truth.

“This information has vindicated us as Zanu PF and it has endorsed what we have always told Zimbabweans that the MDC formations are not genuine but are just being used by the former colonisers,” said Dr Muchena.

Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity in the Zanu-PF Youth Wing, Cecilia Chivhunga said the youths are disappointed by Mr Tsvangirai’s actions, adding that they never expected such involvement by someone who purports to be fighting for the people of Zimbabwe.

“We are disappointed with the revelations by Wikileaks. We didn’t expect that from Prime Minister Tsvangirai but at least now, the truth is now there for everyone to see,” Chivhunga said.

Wikileaks, a whistle blowing website based in the United States, released classified secrets and information on how the US was working with the MDC to unseat the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe.