cote divoire clashes.jpgCote D’Ivoire post election violence claims 20 


Clashes over the recent Presidential election in Cote d’ Ivoire have left at least 20 people dead and scores others injured.


Fighting broke out when the supporters of rival president Alassane Ouattara came face to face with heavily armed government forces. 


Ouatara and President Laurent Gbagbo both took oath of office as presidents of Cote d’Ivoire after held in last month.


Meanwhile, President Gbagbo has accused the US-led western countries of meddling in Cote d’Ivoire’s internal affairs.

Over 2 000 women from five African countries, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Sierra Leone joined their female counterparts from the DRC urging the government to put an end to sexual violence against women.


The most affected area, Goma’s town of Rutshuru, has a high number of women who are attacked, raped and humiliated since July this year.


Wikileaks boss freed on bail


assange1_1688694c.jpgIn Europe, Wikileaks founder, Julian Asange has been freed on bail on accusations of sexually assaulting women and has argued that by sending him to native Sweden over the allegations is part of a continuing dispute by the Swedes.


He said the allegations against him are politically fed and are to distract the public from the material document published on the website.





Haiti cholera casualties surge


In the Caribbeans, Haiti’s cholera outbreak has risen to over 2 400 deaths since the first infection in mid-October. More than 54 500 have been treated in hospitals out of 109 196 cases.


In addition to suffering from the recent cholera outbreak, Haiti has struggled to recover from the effects of a devastating earthquake which hit the country on January 12, killing more than 250 000 people.