World Health Organisation (WHO) director general, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says strong political will and domestic financing remains critical solutions in improving national health security for member countries.

The global health body WHO said subdued funding remains the biggest threat to the realisation of the resilient and vibrant health systems across the African continent with most member countries failing to meet the Abuja Declaration which calls for allocation of at least 15 percent on the annual budget to the health sector.

Dr Ghebreyesus said there is need for strong political commitment by the heads of state, prioritisation of robust domestic financing mechanisms and continuous engagement with ministers of finance in order to address the funding challenges.

On its part, the WHO has pledged to assist in engaging political leadership in order to push for domestic resource mobilisation using platforms such as the African Union.

On a global level the director general said he is pleased with the recognition that the health sector is getting making reference to the this year’s G20 Summit in Germany, where the members committed to joint action to safeguard against health crises.

The WHO director general who took office in June this year and had the blessing of the African Union said he remains guided by the need to ensuring health for all with his key priority areas being universal health coverage, emergency health response, health and climate change as well as the transformation of the global health body in order to deliver on the mandate.