bla zvoma.jpgBy Ian Zvoma


As the year 2010 draws to an end, I have realised that unless a miracle happens, it has probably been one of the worst years in local football. The premier soccer league has no sponsor with four games to go. Games have been abandoned left, right and centre.


The Warriors have done nothing spectacular except hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons, thanks to ZIFA.




I have tried to find a logical reason for all the mess but I of the human nature, have failed to find one. Thus, I have decided to go BIBLICAL.  A certain Patrick Fairbairn said:”…God has given all things their significance, and defined their bounds according to time, space, power, and number…”


Football, they say, is a game of numbers. So, let us keep it numerical. In Biblical terms, the number 7 symbolizes God’s perfection, His sovereignty and holiness. Number 8 signifies a new beginning, while the number that represents the year that has given us so much problems – 10 – represents HUMAN FAILURE AND GOD’S PROVISION. Therein lies the answer and as they say, you never go wrong when you seek wisdom from the scriptures.


HUMAN FAILURE has been our biggest problem in football circles this year. They say to err is human but to forgive is divine. While we understand the limitations of being mortal and forgive those who have erred against us, WHAT HAPPENS when those who have erred not only continue to do so, but act in an unrepentant manner? Do we say enough is enough or we continue to forgive them as and when they go wrong?


I must admit that I have sought the biblical route to get to the root of the problems affecting our football because I was brought up in a Christian set up and up to this day subscribe to basic tenets of Christianity and what is expected thereof.


BUT – a big BUT for that matter – I have a problem with football administrators whose mouth and the truth are always going separate ways. I have a problem with football administrators who promise heaven on earth when they are seeking the mandate to run our football affairs and when they sit comfortably or uncomfortably at ZIFA House and the PSL offices they mess things up left, right and centre.


I have a problem fellow Zimbabweans when the PSL leadership base their campaign on the word SPONSORSHIP and then more than 25 games out of 30 into the season there is still nothing on the table. I have a problem when the only sponsor that we have is being frustrated by two of the country’s biggest clubs who want to act like a bull in a Chinese shop breaking all the rules, deciding when to play, when to walk off  the pitch, when to replay and when not to replay a replay. I have a serious problem when a number of games end prematurely and the football authorities turn a blind eye or decide to act only after the media raises alarm.

I have a serious problem, comrades, when people play around with our national team the way ZIFA and a certain clique of administrators who think our football should be run on a regional basis mess things up like we have seen in 2010. I will say it again I have very serious problems with people who think running ZIFA is payback time to their enemies. NO! NO! NO! How on earth did we let such people with such shallow minds into our football corridors?


HUMAN FAILURE has been our biggest problem when it comes to football matters.


These people have failed us and while we are at it pondering the next move if at all we are empowered to make that move, we should spare a thought for the clubs, especially the so-called small clubs who in most cases when they are paired together in a fixture cannot attract more than a hundred spectators. Some, like Kiglon, have played the whole season with a prize tag at the back because things have been so difficult and they have found it difficult to survive under harsh economic circumstances.


It has been a bumpy road for most of these clubs because when the so-called big guns attract thousands of spectators at their matches, they act like spoilt brats and in some instances like academically challenged beings, who have no idea of the consequences of their actions. With a good and sound leadership in place, they would have been brought back into line, but who cares? No one cares because another season will come and they will fill the stadiums again. For them life will go on as usual.


Erick Rossen and his beloved Motor Action have been around for ten years and the Mighty Bulls have a brass band that adds colour whenever they are in action. They have a sports club whose turf is good enough for PSL matches. They call it home.


However, that’s it for the Bulls of the mighty nature; they have to pump money week in and week out to survive as a club because they attract no more than 100 fans at their home matches. If they win the league championship this year, they will get nothing, absolutely nothing because there is no sponsor. Saka vanenge vafirei gore rese?


That’s where the issue of leadership comes in. As I said earlier, some promised us heaven on earth, especially my good friend Twine Phiri, the chairman of the PSL, who said sponsorship was on his wings and it was just a matter of time before he would reveal the name. It is almost the end of the year and Phiri sticks to his promise. Only time will tell, but I have my doubts. Last week he had the audacity of repeating his usual rhetoric. Rhetoric because to me it has just been a bag of promises and lies. As they say, a man’s word is his honour. He will be judged by what he has said or has been saying.


Dear Lord, deliver us from this evil.


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