In a Nigerian movie style a Whitecliff family is having sleepless nights as owls and snakes have turned their home into a wildlife conservative area.

Her husband died mysteriously some years ago living her to look after the family alone.

Her children have been returned from school due to baffling incidents.

As if that is not enough, during nights they are troubled by the noise of owls and rattling snakes.

Early yesterday morning a three metre snake was found dead outside their house close to a peg which was put by a member of the Apostolic church.

A visit by ZB News to the home coincided with a visit by Madzibaba Mateu who then ordered the removal of property from the house so that he could cleanse the home.

The Zimbabwean law does not recognise witchcraft.

For many years Zimbabweans agitated for the amendment of the act so that the country could recognise the existence of witchcraft which was made illegal by post colonial regime.