missing given flint matapure.jpgA lot of questions remain begging for answers in the unresolved case of Given Flint Matapure. What is worrying Zimbabweans is that Given’s case could just be a tip of the ice-berg as there are many other missing children whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The questions is : ‘What has gone wrong in this once tranquil society which used to be a safe haven for children?’.

A year that many would love to quickly forget, but the memories are unforgettable. 2011 witnessed a number of bizarre cases being reported. From female rapists, claims of muti discoveries, tokoloshi’s to the unforgettable and touching incidences of child disappearances.

But what has really gone wrong in our society that used to value the lives of the young ones and guard them jealously? What has prompted this society to begin consuming its own children?

Of concern has been the deafening silence by the many non-governmental organisations that purports to represent the rights of children.

A cloud of accusations hangs above the police, whose genuine commitment to protecting these vulnerable young ones has been seriously put under heavy scrutiny. Without even statistics to show how many children disappeared in 2011, for now, Zimbabweans say the police have failed.

Answers coming from the police are far from convincing. However, they say they are doing a lot that the public might not be aware of.

Zimbabweans hold on to the hope that answers will come some day as to what happened to Given. Not only young Matapure but many children whose disappearance has left not only tears on the faces of many but a yearning for answers that do not look like they will be forthcoming in a long time.

With these incidents increasing on a day to day basis, the question which haunts every responsible citizen is, will parents ever sleep peacefully in a society which appears to have turned cannibalistic?