Disability does not mean inability and 13 year old wheelchair bound Lilian Makarichi has proved it.

She came out with six units at Grade 7 but her dreams of becoming a career woman will be shattered if no well wisher comes to her aid to proceed to secondary education.

Most children who sat for Grade 7 examinations last year have started their form one in different schools but the academically gifted Lilian is still confined at home.

Besides her being one of the top performers at Turf Primary School in Mhondoro Ngezi Mashonaland West Province, her dreams of becoming a career woman are nearly shattered as she is yet to be admitted for form one classes due to financial challenges.

Parents have failed to raise the needed boarding school fees for Lilian who suffered a spinal deficiency while she was in Grade 3.

Both the parents are unemployed.

Though in this condition she remains academically gifted and has six units at Grade 7.

According to Judith Hurman, “Disability only becomes a tragedy when society fails to provide the things needed to provide one’s daily life”.

Those wishing to assist Lilian can contact her mother Mrs Dadirai Makarichi on phone number +263 715 903 877 or the Headmaster at Turf Primary School in Mhondoro Ngezi.