winter wheat.jpgWheat farmers whose crop is ready for harvest say there is need to adjust the wheat producer price upwards in order for them to remain viable in the farming business.

Most farmers say the US$466 per tonne wheat producer price announced by government for this year’s winter wheat farming season should be reviewed upwards.

 Farmers cited the high costs of inputs, electricity, labour and the high charges of hiring combine harvesters as some of the reasons why the wheat producer price should be adjusted.

Some of the farmers said they have reduced the number of wheat hectarage this year due to the high costs of inputs. 

“We do not think we will be able to grow wheat next season as the producer price is below our expectations. We hope that it will be increased and that we will be paid for our produce in time,” one farmer said.

The farmers expressed dismay over the Grain Marketing Board’s slow pace in paying them for their delivered crops.

Some of the farmers have not yet been paid for the maize crop they delivered to GMB several months ago.

Farmers only managed to put up a mere 10 000 hectares of winter wheat crop out of a possible 70 000 hectares owing to financial constrains and high costs of inputs.