A birthday is a moment to celebrate another year added to the precious gift of life, but for most prison inmates that freedom is always taken away.

But for one lucky mentally challenged inmate, Esther Katandwa the moment returned when she got a chance to request all her heart’s desires to her fantasy lover ‘Jah Prayzah’.

Born 28 years ago, Esther is a mental patient at Chikurubi female prison.

These prison walls have been her home for the past two years.

Being in prison, Esther takes no notice of important days that many outside prison walls consider significant one such being ones’ birthday.

But today is different for Esther has been remembered thanks to a ZBC Power FM team and a local Harare business woman.

They say sometimes wishes do really come true.

Esther’s wish is to speak with his fantasy lover and the Power FM DJs were readily available to grant Esther her wish.

It was indeed a birthday to remember for Esther, in the end it was a long list of birthday presents requested and one hopes in the rush of his UK tour Jah Prayzah will remember his new girlfriend’s desires.