climate-change.jpgSome traditional leaders in Murehwa, Mashonaland East Province have attributed the changing weather patterns to lack of respect and adherence to cultural practices and norms.

While climate change experts have warned nations against changes in weather patterns, some elders in Murehwa believe that the disrespect of cultural practices such as praying for rains are not being practiced hence a change to the weather patterns.

The elders believe that the adoption of western styles is to blame for some of the problems faced by Zimbabwe.

They say the current patterns have brought confusion among peasant farmers who used to plan according to weather patterns.

Some said traditional ways of praying for rain are still being practiced in some Asian countries.

In some rural areas in Zimbabwe, a ceremony to pray for the rain, they said, used to be an annual practice which was usually followed by another one to thank the spirits for bringing the rain.

However elders believe that such practices are being ignored due to religion and the adoption of western cultures.