president.pngThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe says continued meddling by the United States, Britain, and Canada in Zimbabwe’s attempts to market its diamonds is stifling developmental programmes in the country.

Speaking during the Day of the African Child Commemorations in Harare, Cde Mugabe said some of the problems being faced by children in Zimbabwe today could be eased if the country manages to sell its diamonds freely on the international market.

Zimbabwe’s attempts to sell its diamonds freely on the international market has been hampered by unending demands by some western countries, the same which imposed illegal sanctions.

Despite Zimbabwe being certified by the Kimberly Process Monitor, Mr Abbey Chikane, western countries led by Canada opposed the move.

Current KP Chairperson, Mr. Mathew Yamba of the DRC cleared Zimbabwe to sell its Marange diamonds without supervision but western countries have still ganged up to intimidate international buyers and in particular, India which has been threatened with an aid embargo if it continues to buy Zimbabwean diamonds.

African countries in the KP including South Africa have rallied behind Zimbabwe and are in support of the country resuming its diamond sales.