The need to prepare athletes for life after sport is under the spotlight with active and retired athletes’ part of an administration course being held by the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC).

The welfare of athletes’ has often come under the spotlight with many of them faced with the predicament of what to do following the end of their sporting careers.

The lives of some athletes have become so sad as some often end up broke and unsure of what path to pursue upon ending their playing careers.

As a way of seeking to assist athletes that are undergoing a period of transition, ZOC is holding a 4 day workshop to conscientise athletes on possible career paths in their post playing careers.

Some of the participants hailed the programme as vital as they seek to map a way forward upon retiring.

Some of the key topics at the 4 day course include leadership, safe and inclusive sport, anti-doping, personal financial management, and the importance of sports science.