e-learning.jpgLocal musicians have expressed mixed feelings on the setting up of a music website by a local music company as a way that will help market and sell their music in the diaspora. 


All over the world, artists are relying on the internet in marketing their music and other products like videos.  A visiting UK based music and Internet Director Cuthbert Chirenda has partnered with Metro Recording Company in setting up a music website that will be based in the United Kingdom with the hope of assisting music fans in the diaspora access local music through the internet.


“The setting up of this joint venture will definitely become a selling point to all the musicians, not only in Zimbabwe but throughout the region. It will expose Zimbabwean artists to the whole world,” said Chirenda.


Local musician Sanii Makhalima said his music has been on the internet for years now but he said the introduction of a controlled website will not help as there are some challenges associated with payments of artists once their music is downloaded from outside.


Makhalima said: “I need to find out what these guys can offer me what I am not getting at the moment. I think this needs transparency….when it comes to royalties.”


Music expert and Transit Crew manager Professor Fred Zindi added that although selling music on the internet is the way to go, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.


“These days record companies are becoming irrelevant. Nowadays people want things for free and they can simply do that on the internet.”


The President of the Zimbabwe Association of Recording Industries, Emion Sibindi said although there are some disadvantages the world is becoming a global village and by introducing this website to local artists, it will come as a blessing.


The internet has connected people in ways that were previously unimaginable, from e-commerce to online music. One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of internet music is the number of choices you have when choosing what you want to listen to or download. With the Internet, it has also become easier for lesser known and lower budget broadcasts to get their shows distributed to the masses.