mafios starving.jpgThe constitution making process outreach teams, which started work three weeks ago, are facing many hiccups with reports that Mashonaland Central teams who are being accommodated in Harare, are failing to get food as hotels have backtracked on initial arrangements to provide bed and breakfast as well as packed lunch for the members. 



Just 3 weeks after the launch of the outreach programme, it has emerged that all is not smooth sailing in the constitution making process, as some members of the outreach teams in Mashonaland Central are failing to access food.    

Some of the team leaders said even legislators are living from hand to mouth as the allocated allowances are not enough to cater for their food requirements, as prior arrangements with the hotels have not been implemented fully.


“As members of the outreach teams, we are starving at these hotels as the food is quite expensive as it is costing an average of $20 per meal.


“We only had food for the first day but now it’s a different story,” said Cde Mafios.


marvelous khumalo mp.jpg“We are not happy with the developments and this will kill the spirits that we had for the crafting of a new constitution for the country,” said Mr. Khumalo.


Other legislators from both ZANU PF and MDC–T concurred that they are now using their own means to perform their duties as there has been inconsistencies in the payment of the allowances.


Meanwhile, the co-chairpersons of COPAC, Cde Paul Mangwana and Mr. Douglas Mwonzora, confirmed that they are aware of the challenges being faced by outreach teams and a process is underway to ensure that issues are rectified.


“We know that the outreach teams from Mashonaland central, who are accommodated in Harare are facing challenges with regards to accessing food as the hotels backtracked on prior arrangements,” they said.


Under the agreement, rappoteuers who are technical personnel, get allowances of a $100 per day, while the outreach team members get $25 per day.


A total of $8,1 million dollars mainly from donors, has been poured into the constitution making process.