Vice President Kembo Mohadi says as the country grapples with economic challenges, people must understand that they are their own masters with natural resources to exploit and must not look to those who imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe to help them rescue the economy.

Zimbabweans, who remain hopeful that the country will be afforded lines of credit by the International Monitory Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to turnaround the fortunes of the economy, have been reminded that these institutions are run by the very enemies of the land reform programme who imposed sanctions to punish the country’s leadership for apportioning land to black Zimbabweans.

Vice President Mohadi told the Bulawayo business community that only Zimbabweans through the sustainable exploitation of its resources will bust the sanctions and build a stronger economy.

Quoting an old Russian adage, Cde Mohadi said, “From each to each according to its contribution,” should be the new work culture in the country.

 “As Zimbabwe, we are alone here with our resources, so we have to exploit these resources and build our economy and stop expecting that the World Bank and IMF, whose leaders imposed sanctions on us to come and rescue us. Let us be like other countries like China and Russia that do not depend on these institutions for their economies. We can do it, we just have to use the education we have to do this,” he said.

Cde Mohadi also took the opportunity to thank the business people of Bulawayo for embracing Zanu PF, saying the party that has evolved and transformed since the late 1950s in the NDP era, but has not changed its ideology of transforming the lives of its people and remains committed to its founding partnership with communities, business and security sectors to bond and support each other.

“I say to the business community here, Zanu PF is your home, come to the party and change the policies to suit what you want so that the government implements your views because it is the party that guides the government,” he said.

Vice President Mohadi said Bulawayo, which has in the past been neglected must continue to work with the new dispensation and claim its share of the national cake. He called for a change of culture where peace and harmony should help to bring people together.