The US$1 million Zim-India Incubation Centre set up in Waterfalls has started paying dividend as the first group of incubatees are undergoing training in a move that will ignite downstream development.

Forty-five incubatees were admitted for training on the first of November 2017 in areas of soya milk extraction, water purification, honey processing, metal fabrication, plastic bottle and closure making, wire nail making, barbed wire making, tissue paper and serviettes making and sock knitting.

Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development Minister Dr Mike Bimha who toured the facility said the strategic thrust of this centre is to provide intensive support to start up companies, by coaching them and accelerating their development and sustenance through the business assistance programme.

During the first three months incubatees will be trained in their particular technologies of choice and in business management courses that will cover costing, marketing, human resources management, book keeping, and business administration.

Entrepreneurs will also be assisted to legally and physically register their new companies during the incubation period estimated at around 9 months.