harare_city logo.jpgThe City of Harare risks facing a series of contagious disease outbreaks if the city fathers continue to slumber and fail to come up with a tangible solution to perennial water shortages.

The failure by the Harare City Council to address the issue of supplying clean water has spelt a bleak future for the capital’s residents as diseases such as typhoid and diarrhoea keep resurfacing in the high density suburbs.

At a time when the capital has been battling to contain a typhoid outbreak in Dzivaresekwa, a new diarrhoeal disease has hit Warren Park.

While the typhoid outbreak was linked to shortage of clean water, the diarrhoeal disease in Warren Park was caused by the contamination of borehole water.

What is of concern is that, the city fathers are clueless and are yet to come up with a tangible solution.

This has left residents at risk as more rains will see more contamination of underground water.

On the other hand, observers feel that the boreholes can never be the solution to Harare’s water problems arguing the only remedy is to revamp the pumping infrastructure as well as the construction of new water sources.