Zimbabwe’s wildlife water sources have enough of the precious liquid to cater for animals despite the persistent dry spell that has seen the country’s dam levels declining.

The animals are not in danger of starvation due to water shortage despite the late start of the rainy season, the game water situation has remained under control owing to a number of efforts that have been put together by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks).

This season has seen a prolonged dry spell that has resulted in people from low lying areas experiencing acute water shortages.

While this is normally expected to spell doom for wild animals at the country’s protected areas in the region such as Hwange National Park, it is different this time around as the parks authorities have fully prepared for any eventualities.

The western regional manager for Zimparks Mr Samson Chibaya reveals there is no threat to wildlife as a number of measures have been put in place to curb such water shortages.

On the scourge of veld fires that usually sees a lot of land and vegetation being destroyed, Mr Chibaya revealed that save for minor incidents of veld fires reported at Kazuma and Matetsi game parks, there is no significant fire outbreaks so far this year owing to a number of educational programmes put in place.

The country has derived a lot of financial returns from abundant natural resources leading to calls to ensure the same are fully protected.