water.jpgHarare residents are up in arms with city fathers after most parts of the capital have gone for weeks without water supplies.

A survey carried out by ZBC News shows that most western parts of the city have gone for over two weeks without water with shocking revelations that Mbare National’s Caroline Cele Street has gone for 10 years without the supply of the precious liquid.

Some Dzivarasekwa residents say they last received water which used to be availed at night some two weeks ago while Mbare residents say they are now afraid of a potential cholera outbreak after their cries for water have fallen on deaf ears.

Despite erratic or no water supply at all, residents are still made to pay bills, which they say are exorbitant.

Efforts to get a comment from the city council were fruitless as the council’s public relations manager, Mr. Lesley Gwindi promised to give this reporter a telephone interview in 10 minutes time after which his phone went off.