Water shortages have crippled operations at Maphisa District Hospital, with the development having affected the maternity ward more.

Maphisa District Hospital has been hit by recurrent water shortages a situation that has forced patients and expecting mothers to fetch their water from a dirty canal that supplies ARDA Estate.

Workers including nurses have to endure the duty of helping to carry the water using buckets to assist patients who are bedridden.

“We have no water here and where we fetch it is very far yet we are not feeling too well. There are no toilets, can you imagine that we as patients we have to use the bush,” said one of the patients.

An expecting mother said, “Here at the maternity ward we stay in sets of 8 people yet there are only three beds and others have to sleep on the floor”.

The provincial medical director Mrs Rudo Chikodzore confirmed that they are aware of these challenges and efforts are being made to solve the problem which she described as that of water reticulation due to obsolete pipes.

The hospital needs to rehabilitate its reticulation system as the long term solution for its current problem.