Government has availed water bowsers to critically affected areas and schools in Rushinga against the backdrop of a water crisis affecting the district.

The responsiveness follows reports highlighted by ZBC News on the dire situation affecting the communities leading to children absconding school in search for the precious liquid.

It is not so much of a lasting solution but in the interim it is a huge stride that speaks of government’s responsiveness to problems affecting its citizens.

Upon the water crisis in Rushinga being highlighted government through the District Development Fund (DDF) has dispatched three 7 tonne trucks with water bowsers set to reach critically affected schools.

Nyamazizi, Nyamanyanya, Nyatsato Primary Schools, Katakura, Nyamuzeya Primary and Secondary Schools are the first recipients of the first batch of the water relief programme so that normal school operations are not halted.

This will be followed by a borehole drilling exercise to begin forthwith according to Mashonaland Central DDF chief planning officer Mr Knowledge Murenje.

“Government is responding to the crisis in two ways. The lorries here have water bowsers with about 1 500 litres of water. We targeted critically affected areas particularly institutions so that children get safe water to drink.  We are looking forward to drilling 10 boreholes in critical areas. A rig is coming straight from Harare to Rushinga right now,” he said.

Government has drilled 406 boreholes in Rushinga district but the hot climatic conditions defeats the whole process with water tables drastically lowering down.

“The problem in Rushinga is that the water table this time of the year goes down. It’s down such that all the functional boreholes run dry. There is also a problem of salinity. The water is not good for consumption,” said Mr Murenje.

Mbire, Rushinga and Muzarabani are some of the areas in the country with high weather conditions contributing to water challenges.

The situation is Rushinga has become more threatening as the villagers are also losing their national treasure livestock due to the water crisis.

Government is mandated to provide water in the radius of 3 km at any settlement.