A solar powered borehole and a drip irrigation gardening project has brought relief to people and animals in the arid region of Chipinge south with villagers stating that the support was long overdue.

Ward 29 in Chipinge south is among the driest places of the country where people and animals usually have challenges in accessing water after the rainy season, prompting the authorities to embark on projects that improve access to clean water in the constituency.

Commissioning the solar powered water project and bopopo drip irrigation scheme, local project Vice Chairperson, Memory Zindora said the initiative has transformed lives by ensuring that clean water is easily accessible while the drip irrigation project is helping to improve food security in the dry region. 

“We are happy that we now have safe water in the village helping both people and animals. There is however need to extend the market gardening project to support more people,” he said.

The government is drilling boreholes throughout the country in order to improve access to clean water.