lake chivero.jpgMembers of the public have criticised local environmental Non Governmental Organisations for turning a blind eye on the pollution of Lake Chivero which has been going on for a long time without any corrective action being taken.

Questions have been raised concerning the role of environment lobby groups and some NGOs, which are glaringly ignoring the pollution of Harare’s source of drinking water, Lake Chivero.

Members of the public, who spoke to ZBC News, said it is unfair that local environmental lobby groups only want to implement programmes that are donor funded as well as programmes that benefit them financially yet ignore issues which affect the public such as clean water supplies.

“NGOs should act on such happenings and not just concentrate on political events unfolding in the country,” said one Harare resident.

The Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association Executive Director, Mr Mutuso Ndliwayo admitted that most NGOs’ programmes are driven by donor funds thus alienating them from the needs of people.

Mukuvisi and Manyame rivers, which feed into Harare’s drinking water source, Lake Chivero, are heavily polluted with industrial wastes and raw sewage.

For years, local industries have continued to discharge chemical wastes into the water.

The Harare City Council uses nine chemicals at a cost of US$2 million every month to purify the water.

Industry has refused to take responsibility resulting in the costs being passed on to the ordinary ratepayers.