water pollution.jpgThe Manyame Catchment Board has vowed to take all culprits involved in polluting water reservoirs along Manyame Catchment to account following an increase in cases involving the contamination of water.
Following ZBC’s widespread coverage of rampant pollution by industries and others on sources of drinking water in Manyame Catchment Area, the Manyame Board in conjunction with the nation’s water regulatory authority, ZINWA, sent a delegation on a helicopter on a fact finding mission in a bid to map the way forward on dealing with such cases.

Manyame Chairman, Mr. Cuthbert Muzerengi who was speaking at the end of the tour in Guruve, which is lower Manyame sub-catchment area, said he is not impressed with what he saw in the tour and vowed to take the culprits head on.

Manyame Catchment Vice Chairman, Mr. Andy Mhlanga said, after witnessing the devastating effects of the actions of local authorities and industries, his board now seeks to engage policy makers and legislators in a bid to come up with stiffer penalties to defaulters to ensure responsibility.

The current legislation on companies responsible for polluting water reservoirs attracts a fine of five thousand dollars a figure that has been criticised as being too low to deter would be offenders.

The Harare City Council in particular is using is using nine chemicals valued at US$2 000 000 every month in purifying its water which is mostly polluted by industries.

However, industry has refused to be accountable.