At a time the main supply dam, Lake Mutirikwi is relatively low, Masvingo residents as well as sugar cane farmers in the lowveld are now assured of constant water supplies from Tokwe Mukosi.

Lake Mutirikwi which is currently at 40 percent capacity, had been the sole water supply for farmers in the lowveld as well as Masvingo residents and was a source of conflict especially when levels became critically low.

The low levels in the Lake Mutirikwi have also been attributed to individuals resettled along the dam’s catchment area and are practising riverbank cultivation, causing siltation.

Tokwe Mukosi is the largest inland water body in the country with a capacity to hold over 1.8 billion cubic metres of water when full.

The dam is expected to trigger economic activity in the agriculture and tourism sector as well as create job opportunities for people in the surrounding areas of Masvingo and Chiredzi.