The siltation of Save River

Water can be as scarce as gold in arid areas and dams are usually the best form of reservoirs for the previous liquid.

However, in Mberengwa’s Chief Ngungumbane area, there is an even bigger problem as the only three supply dams Sikhwawule, Mnyamani and Bayayi continue silting every year.

Mnyamani was swept away by the floods seasons back with the remaining two dams also silting and villagers are worried this is threatening both human and wildlife and their cropping activities.

Councillor Florence Khumalo from ward 20 said the only way out now is an intensive rehabilitation exercise that will scoop all accumulated silt in the dams.

The villagers also said when the dry season comes they lose livestock every year after being trapped in the mud.

The other worrying factor is that with the level of situation it is only a matter of time before the dams completely dry up unless urgent measures are taken.

While they continue nursing hope that they will get assistance, mother nature had continued tormenting them as they watch their dams continue silting up.